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Well Video Inspection


What is a Well Video Inspection?

A water well video inspection is a process of down hole inspection with state-of-the-art water proof camera system. This allows the inspector to view areas that physically can’t be viewed by human eyes.

How Does the Water Well Video Inspection Work?

Well inspections involve lowering a cable-suspended camera down the well to record downward and side views of the casing at indicated depths. The camera includes LED lights   that illuminates the area helping to create a clear image and video of the surrounding area. The video record is burned to a DVD USB drive and relevant findings are documented in a summary report.  All information is copied for clients to keep.

What are the Benefits of a Video Well Inspection?

Well DrillingThere are numerous benefits to using a video recording device to inspect a water well including but not limited to the following:

  • Inspect the well casing for
    • Encrustation such as rust, algae, or solids deposits
    • Corrosion in areas of perforations or at welded seams
    • Deformation from collapse or compression
    • Breaches such as holes
  • Inspection prior to purchase for documentation and estimating any repairs or replacement
  • Document post cleaning process success
  • Inspection and Document obstruction such as
    • Debris
    • Residual pump parts
    • Foreign objects
  • Review wells that lack construction records
  • Determine the possibility of a dry well

How is the Video Well Inspection data used?

Our well rehab and repair specialists use the inspection findings to outline next step suggestions.  Our best practices approach has been fine-tuned during our 49+ years of business and work with thousands of wells.  These recommendations are then discussed with clients and may include but not limited to the following services we professionally provide:

  • Brush and Bail
  • Reverse Circulation Clean Out
  • Acid Washing
  • Liner Installation

Capabilities of BJ Drilling Video Well Inspection

  • 2,000ft Depth capacity
  • 3 inch to 30 inch cased
  • 360 degree Dual Camera (Sideview and Downhole)
  • Full Color, High Quality Recording
  • Clients can watch operator and video in real-time while in climate controlled custom BJ Drilling Van via large HDMI screen
  • Flash and DVD recording capabilities
  • Depth readout on screen in feet and inches