Established in 1973 by Robert “Bob” Jackson, an Arizona native and water well pioneer

Family owned and family grown in Southern Arizona

24/7 service for “out of water” situations

Experienced Pump and Drill Crews

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Residential water well design, construction, and delivery systems

Our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable staff of experts will help you design the perfect water well system to meet your needs. At no cost or obligation to you we will visit your residential site, where together we can design a cost effective and efficient system to get water from the ground to your home.

Irrigation/agricultural water wells design, construction, and delivery systems

Whether you are a commercial farmer or a home gardener with irrigation needs, we have the experience and expertise to design and drill your water well. We will expertly design an effective water delivery system to provide the needed water for your crops. Our years of experience and record keeping on the different aquifers and specific areas in Southern Arizona dramatically benefit our customers. A site visit with our experts can help you make an educated decision regarding location and delivery of your water. We also install pump systems, both submersible and turbine, designed specifically for you and your needs, from 5 to 1500+ gallons per minute.

Pump service and installation

When designing a pump system for a new well application, or replacing / repairing an existing system we take into consideration all the factors our clients need, including desired output, power source, and historic utilization. Our expert staff has greater than 50 years’ experience with all sizes of systems, submersible and turbine.

Ask about our solar pump systems which we install with a 3 year warranty.

Municipal well designs, construction, monitoring, and delivery systems

Municipals large and small have many specific needs including new wells, storage and delivery of water, as well as continuous maintenance, monitoring, and cleaning. We have been supplying the water needs for various municipalities in Southern Arizona, and continue to design, drill, monitor, and abandon wells where the needs arise.

Services Provided

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Water well drilling and casing starting at 5″, using PVC or United States steel, slotted for specific needs
  • Installation and design of new pump and water delivery systems
  • Specializing in solar installs and off-grid installations
  • Analysis and repair of water well problems both in the hole, and in the pump system
  • Experienced technicians providing site visits throughout the state
  • Well abandonment, monitoring of wells, water well testing
  • You’ll be pleased to find that our excellent quality of work and committed service are provided to you transparently at a competitive price.
  • 24/7 service